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Protection For Those
You Care About Most

Securing an affordable pre-need plan with your local Cremation-With-Care Provider is guaranteed to protect those you love from the financial & emotional burden of your final arrangements. Taking financial responsibility and leaving specific instructions regarding your personal desires will eliminate the need for your loved ones to determine who is responsible for, or capable of, paying for your final arrangements. If you died today, who would be paying for and planning your arrangements tomorrow?

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Prepare For
The Unexpected

You’ve spent a lifetime preparing & planning for things that might happen in order to protect your family both emotionally & financially. So, it just makes sense to prepare and plan for the one thing that is guaranteed to happen... your own final arrangements. Planning for tomorrow, today by securing a Cremation-With-Care Preneed Plan is a wise a and prudent decision, and it's a decision that you should not delay! Right now is the perfect time to get started on your path toward peace of mind.

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Forethought & Guidance
Document Your Wishes

Cremation-With-Care Providers work with leaders in the financial services sector who provide safe & sound solutions for the funeral industry. The funds are placed in an insurance policy or trust account and remain there until the death occurs. Securing a pre-need plan with your local Cremation-With-Care Provider actually serves as an extension of your estate planning while organizing data & documents so your family doesn't have to worry about locating vital information when it’s needed most.

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Trust & Confidence

The owners & staff of your local family owned Cremation-With-Care Provider have pledged to adhere to the CWC |  Code of Ethics   & Professional Responsibility. Every cremation is performed with dignity & respect in accordance with the highest level of ethical cremation standards & procedures by a local certified cremation specialist.  Provider Locator

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Just Cremation/No Gathering

Direct Cremation is the simplest & most economical cremation option. It includes transport of the deceased from the place of death, sheltering in refrigeration, filing necessary permits & docs, placement of deceased in an alternative container made of corrugated material, the cremation process & placement of cremated remains in a temporary receptacle or urn of your choosing.

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Every Life is Unique

A Remembrance Gathering, whether private or public, plays a significant role in the lives of those we leave behind and is an essential component of the healing process. It can be as simple or as detailed as you desire. Think of all the people who should have a chance to say good-bye and the things they should remember about the relationships that you shared together.

Get Started On Your Path Toward Peace of Mind
Take Financial Responsibility For Your Own Final Arrangements

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No Agent Will Visit

We’re committed to keeping you and our professional staff safe. You’ll speak with a Cremation-With-Care Adviser who is an excellent listener and will guide you through the easy pre-planning application. Right now, is the perfect time to begin the process towards gaining peace of mind in knowing that you have protected your family by taking financial responsibility for your own final arrangements.

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No Exams | No Labs

It only takes a minute to answer a few short health questions and guarantee your acceptance. Depending on your answers you will receive first day coverage of the entire face amount of the cremation pre-need insurance policy. We’ll help you determine the amount of coverage and payment plan that will best fit your budget in order to ensure that your family is protected and your final wishes are fulfilled.

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Free Planning Guide

Along with your pre-need cremation insurance policy you will receive a Planning Guide to record your final wishes. As you complete the planner know that you are giving your family a most thoughtful and loving gift. This simple, caring gesture will help provide comfort to those you love. Thanks to your forethought & guidance the people you care about won’t ever have to worry if they made the right choices.

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