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Livingston Manor, New York Direct Cremation & Cremation Options

Direct Cremation does not include a Remembrance Gathering or Remembrance Merchandise.

Direct Cremation is the least expensive cremation price option in Livingston Manor, New York. Direct Cremation includes: transportation from the place of death. Placement of the deceased into an alternative container (included), or you may purchase a cremation casket. Sheltering of the deceased in refrigeration facility (required by law). The professional services of licensed staff. Filing of necessary legal documents & permits. The process of cremation. Placing the cremated remains into a temporary cardboard container or you may purchase an urn, family keepsakes and/or cremation jewelry of your choice. For direct cremation prices in Livingston Manor, New York CALL NOW (845) 439-4333.

A Remembrance Gathering can be private for family only or public for friends & community.

When opting for cremation services in Livingston Manor, New York it is important to remember the wonderful life of your loved one by gathering to celebrate their history, personality and accomplishments. A Remembrance Gathering at Colonial-Bryant Funeral Home provides an opportunity for family and friends to share experiences that should be recognized and cherished. A Remembrance Gathering plays a significant role in our lives and is an essential component of the healing process. You may wish to gather before or after the cremation takes place. A Remembrance Planner Professional can help you create a unique & meaningful gathering.

Honoring Wonderful Lives

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Cremation Urns

Cremation-With-Care funeral home providers offer a diverse selection of permanent cremation urns to choose from in many different styles, themes & hobbies, as well as works of art that will be displayed & enjoyed for generations.

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Your Last Hurrah

Our Professional Remembrance Planners are accomplished listeners and are able to transform your ideas and thoughts into a perfectly themed and executed Remembrance Gathering designed expressly for your family.

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Keep Them Close to Heart

Sharing the cremated remains with Family Keepsakes and Cremation Jewelry helps to keep your loved ones memory close to heart. When someone we love becomes a memory, their memory becomes a treasure.

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Water Scattering

Our selection of biodegradable urns gently dissolve in water and allow you to easily transport the cremated remains of your loved one to your desired location.

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Earth Friendly Vessels

Many people choose to scatter the ashes of their loved one in a special place that held real meaning for the deceased. A biodegradable urn makes it easy.

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Together Forever

A Companion Urn holds the cremated remains of two people, a popular choice of many families. Companion or double urns are available in many different shapes, themes & materials.

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