Immediate Need - Low Cost -Direct Cremation

America's Low Cost Cremation Experts

If you are in need of planning an immediate need affordable, low cost direct cremation because you have just experienced the loss of a family member or friend please accept our sincere condolences. The experienced & knowledgeable staff of your local Cremation-With-Care Provider is standing by to respond to your call, expedite transport of your loved one and answer your questions with compassion & sensitivity. They understand that what matters most when losing a loved one is guidance & understanding.

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When a Death Occurs at Home: Under Hospice Care

When a loved one passes away at home under the care of Hospice please notify Hospice first. Instruct the Hospice Caregiver to call your local Cremation-With-Care Provider so they may dispatch a vehicle and personnel to the home in order to bring the deceased into our care.

When a Death Occurs at Home: NOT Under Hospice Care

If a loved one passes away at home and is not under the care of Hospice please call 911 to notify them of the death. When the emergency medical staff arrives they will determine the best course of action. If the deceased was under a physician's care they may release your loved one directly into the care of your local Cremation-With-Care Provider. If so, please instruct the EMT to call them. Otherwise it may be determined to refer the death to the Medical Examiner. If that's the case then it is important to inform the Medical Examiner to release your loved one to your local Cremation-With-Care Provider at the appropriate time.

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