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More than 80% of Sarasota, Florida residents choose affordable direct cremation over burial. So they turn to the cremation experts at Sarasota's local Cremation-With-Care provider for a simple direct cremation.

Rest assured that every cremation is performed with dignity & respect in accordance with the highest level of ethical cremation standards & procedures by a local certified cremation specialist.

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We understand the needs of families who have experienced a loss and provide guidance and direction before, during and after a loss.

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The remembrance of the heart, spirit and soul of your loved one is a treasure which only you and your family can truly know and cherish.

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We Honor The Dignity Of Those Entrusted To Our Care

And Respect The Wishes Of Every Family We Serve

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Your Trust
& Confidence
Is Essential

If you are in need of an affordable cremation in Sarasota, FL you can rely on the knowledge & experience of your local Cremation-With-Care provider, Sarasota's affordable, local cremation experts. We're standing by to respond to your call, expedite transport of your loved one and answer your questions.

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We pledge to be a professional resource for the entire community and accept the responsibility entrusted to us with the greatest measure of compassion, sensitivity & dignity.


A Cremation Urn captures a person’s individuality & personality while honoring a wonderful life. We offer a diverse selection of worthy cremation vessels in many different styles & themes including Family Keepsakes, Remembrance Jewelry and Biodegradable Urns.


The National Hospice Organization and its standards document recognizes the significant role of the funeral professional in collaborating with the hospice team at the time of death.

Your local Sarasota, FL Cremation-With-Care cremation expert appreciates the trust that families and the Hospice staff place in us and we constantly strive to be deserving of that trust. At no time will family members be without support. The strong attachments and trust developed in one supportive environment (Hospice) are shared and transferred to another (Sarasota's Cremation-With-Care cremation expert) as the family moves through the process of dying, death and bereavement.

Hospice care includes care of the patient and family prior to the time of death, at the time of death, and care of the family during the bereavement period. For this reason your local Sarasota Cremation-With-Care cremation expert has become an integral part of  Hospice care by bridging the gap between the time of death and bereavement care. When you consider the philosophy of Hospice and funeral service, it is clear why the continuum of care provided by our professional staff is a "natural extension" of Hospice care.Your local Sarasota Cremation-With-Care cremation expert and Hospice caregivers work closely together in order to meet the total needs of families. With greater understanding of each other’s care, areas of expertise and resources, Hope Hospice workers and our caring staff work together to plan a course which makes for a more natural transition of care at the time of death and in caring for the survivors in the months following the death.

Mark E. Davis, Founder/Administrator
Funeral Director/Remembrance Planner

Back in 1998 Mark & Valerie Davis founded Horizon Funeral Home & Cremation Center in Ft. Myers. FL offering families an affordable cremation alternative. In just a short couple of years Horizon became the most widely used and most trusted cremation provider in Lee County. After 10 years of serving the families of Lee County with honor and dignity, in 2008 Mark & Valerie sold Horizon and created “Cremation-With-Care” in order to help family owned funeral homes across America earn the trust & confidence of their communities. Now in 2018, “Cremation-With-Care” and it’s 800+ exclusive funeral home providers nationwide are celebrating 10 years of honoring the dignity of those entrusted to their care.

Ensure That Your Wishes
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Peace of Mind.

Cremation-With-Care funeral home providers work with leaders in the financial services sector who provide safe, stable & sound solutions for the funeral industry. The funds are placed in an insurance policy, trust, or an annuity and remain there until the death occurs. Pre-payment also protects against inflation and price increases because no further charges are made on the items selected by you.

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Prepare For The Unexpected

Setting aside funds and leaving specific information regarding your own personal desires will greatly ease your family's burden of making decisions and is one of the best ways to help your family during their difficult time of grief and loss. Most important, they will not have to try and guess what arrangements you would have wanted. It’s actually comforting to the people left behind knowing that you had a say in your own farewell.

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Plan for Tomorrow, Today!

Right now is the perfect time to take the first step towards protecting your family and ensuring that your wishes are fulfilled. Learn more about the service and pricing options offered by your local Cremation-With-Care funeral home provider. Submit the form to the right to get started.

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